New funding opportunity launching in May 2019

Our ambition is to stop prostate cancer from killing thousands of men each year. Every man diagnosed with the disease should receive the most effective treatment for their cancer. To achieve this, we need to add new treatment options to our arsenal, and to be smarter with how and when we use these therapies to achieve maximum effect.

In May 2019, we will be launching a funding call for research groups to investigate the immunology of prostate cancer, and strategies which may increase the success and impact of immunotherapeutic approaches in the future.  Full details about this call will be released over the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out for further announcements. 

Why immunology and immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy has emerged as an exciting approach in the treatment of cancer, with benefits being seen in melanoma and blood cancers. However to date, clinical studies show a limited response to this approach in the treatment of prostate cancer due to reasons that are still not well understood.

Harnessing the immune system still holds huge potential for the treatment of prostate cancer and could provide better outcomes for men, increasing the length and quality of their lives, giving them valuable additional time with their loved ones.

In June 2018, we brought together leading researchers from across the world, from a variety of different disciplines, for a Frontier Meeting to discuss prostate cancer immunology and the future of immunotherapy in this field. From this meeting, a number of key opportunities were identified to accelerate progress so that immunotherapies can begin to impact the lives of a greater number of men living with prostate cancer.