Your Own March

Organise your march your own way, whether that’s along the coast, your local park, from one end of the country to the other – just choose your date, pick your route and get walking! Here's a few ideas to get you started:

  • Pub to Pub March -  Plan a route between two pubs and end your walk with a well deserved pint? Use our Men United Arms finder below to find pubs in your area who are also supporting us and see if you can get more of the locals involved.
  • Park March - Circular walks round a local park or open space are a great way to involve the whole community. You can decide how long or short the walk is and can pick a place that’s important to you.
  • Challenge March - Whether it is Lands End to John O’Groats, a coast to coast walk or visiting every county in the UK, test your limits by organising your own challenge walk.

Spark any ideas? Get in touch, and we'll help make it happen. Or if you've already got a plan, register your walk with us and we'll send our fundraising pack.

Walker in the hills

Reckon you can march up a mountain?

Your Mountain March
Belfast March

In with a crowd? Get it behind you.

Your Community March
red and black

Forget the saints - let's see you marching in!

Your Club to Club March