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How to use our Free Will service

Our scheme, in partnership with the Free Wills Network, offers people aged 55 and over the opportunity to have a simple will written or updated free of charge by one of their participating solicitors. Having your Will written by a solicitor gives you the opportunity to influence the world you’ll leave behind by remembering the causes that matter to you. You can choose to remember causes and organisations that reflect your interests, your passions, your beliefs and what you stand for.

If you decide to take part, there is no obligation to include a gift to Prostate Cancer UK in your Will. We would be extremely grateful, however, if you, after taking care of your loved ones, could consider remembering us in this way. We are dedicated to fighting prostate cancer through funding research, supporting men and raising awareness, and we rely entirely on donations from our supporters in order to fund this work. Gifts in Wills play a huge part of that support.

Please contact us today to provide your name and postal address and have your will written for free, we will then have your pack sent out to you as soon as possible with a list of participating solicitors in your area.

During March and October each year we also take part in the Free Wills Month campaigns in which we offer our Free Will Scheme within specific areas across the UK.


Together, we can make a lasting impact

I know things have changed significantly since I was first diagnosed in 1996 but I know there is still a long way to go and I hope a gift in my Will will go some way to changing that.

- Chris Patey, who left a gift in his Will to Prostate Cancer UK

Chris Patey

Chris has chosen to leave Prostate Cancer UK a gift in his will as he is passionate about funding more research into prostate cancer and providing vital support to men, like he received. “Without treatment, I think it’s very unlikely that I would have lived to meet my grandchildren. I hope that diagnosis will be different when they are older and that there will be more treatment options available. I’m not underestimating the size of the challenge, but it’s important to me to be able to contribute to their future. Including a gift to Prostate Cancer UK in my Will will help fund the research into treatment, diagnosis and prevention that will ensure more men survive prostate cancer".

Chris was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996 after experiencing difficulty passing water. He had recently read an article in The Times newspaper in which the symptoms were mentioned, which then prompted him to visit his GP. Some years later Chris was given the all-clear and often wonders what would have happened if he had never read the article in The Times. “I’m so keen to share my story to raise awareness in other men” As men, we’re often not good at visiting our doctor if something isn’t right, so I hope by sharing my experiences it will encourage other men not to ignore the symptoms”.

Our Guide to Making or Updating your Will

Download our Will Guide by clicking the button below where you can find information on why many people decide to include Prostate Cancer UK in their Will, along with a simple guide of the steps you need to take to make or update your Will, and a glossary of terms you may encounter.

Will Guide

If you would like more information about Free Wills Month please do get in touch with Georgia Outteridge in the Gifts in Wills Team via or phone on 020 3310 7203.